Things to mention and discuss

When do disks go away?

  • never on reboot;
  • ephemeral disks go away on stop;
  • AMI-attached volumes go away on terminate;
  • attached volumes never go away on terminate and have to be explicitly deleted;
  • snapshots only go away when you explicitly delete them.

What are you charged for?

  • you are charged for a running instance at the @@instance price rates;
  • ephemeral storage/instance-specific storage is included within that.
  • when you stop an instance, you are charged at disk-space rates for the stopped disk;
  • when you create a volume, you are charged for that volume until you delete it;
  • when you create a snapshot, you are charged for that snapshot until you delete it.

To make sure you’re not getting charged, go to your Instance view and clear all search filters; anything that is “running” or “stopped” is costing you. Also check your volumes and your snapshots - they should be empty.

Regions vs zones:

  • AMIs and Snapshots (and keys and security groups) are per region;
  • Volumes and instances are per zone;