Transfer data to and from an EC2 instance using Filezilla

You will need the amazon-key.pem file that was downloaded in step 11 of booting up your new instance (see Start an Amazon Web Services computer:).

Download Filezilla

Download the FTP application Filezilla. Note: There is an optional step in my install that asked if I wanted Yahoo to be my default browser, and I checked “NO”.

Open FileZilla

Near the top of the screen, you will need to provide the following information: Host, username, and port. We will also need to provide a password which is associated with your *.pem EC2 key file.


To let Filezilla know where your key file is, you can assign it through the FileZilla –> Settings –> SFTP –> Add key file –> Select your *pem file


Your host name is the public DNS of your EC2 instance, e.g.,


Your username is ubuntu


By default, the port for SFTP is 22.

Once this is filled in, you can press the Quickconnect button and you will see files that are in your /home/ubuntu directory on your server. You may now move files to and fro.